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The first session of the 10th Parliament Of The Republic of Kenya

Tuesday the 15th January 2008 – The first session of the 10th Parliament Of The Republic of Kenya (known as the Bunge in Kiswahili) will see the election of the Speaker and deputy Speaker of
Parliament and the swearing in of
the successful 207 of the possible 210 Kenyan parliamentarians.

There are 3 seats which were declared vacant due to irregularities by the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK), Wajir North, Kilgoris and Kamkunji.

The candidates nominated by the various political parties for the post of Speaker of the National Assembly and his/her deputy are:

Francis Kaparo, Gitobu Imanyara, Kenneth Marende, Farah Maalim, Njoki Ndung’u, Wanyiri Kihoro and Kalembe Ndile.
Njoki Ndung’u is the only womon candidate.

Note: This is not the Official State Opening of the Parliament of The Republic of Kenya. The official state opening must take place within 90 days of the dissolution of
Parliament by President Mwai Kibaki. This would therefore be before the end of March 2008. The
tramuatised nation of Kenya will be watching with baited breath, as this will be the first time the opposing parties will meet since ‘Black Sunday’
and the post election violence. End
William Ang’awa, 15 January 2008 Study Group

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