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Stop Kenya Burning, Says AU Head – BBC News 18.08

The BBC News carried numerous reports on their various radio, television and new media platforms. Focus of interest was the AU (Africa Union) meeting in Adidas Ababa in Ethiopia. Found these concerning the AU of interest.

Stop Kenya Burning, Says AU Head – BBC News 18.08 GMT and a report by Will Ross in Adidas Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia (which neighbours Kenya) entitled African Leaders may sidestep Kenya 31 January 2008 0.22 GMT. End

Journalists Threatened By Proscribed Sect – 30 January 2008

Journalists from both the Nation and Standard Media groups in Kenya have received threats from a proscribed semi/religous group in Kenya. The matter has been reported to the police.

The Standard in Nairobi 30 January 2008 – Standard Editors Threatened – reports that the threats have come in two forms. 1 Threats to Journalists who appear or perceived to be unfriendly to the government and 2 Those seen to be ‘betraying’ their community.

Annan Leads Kenya Crisis Talks – BBC Africa News 20.07 GMT 29 January 2008

Annan Leads Kenya Crisis Talks is the main feature concerning Kenya on BBC news on Tuesday evening – 29th January 2008. TV viewers also watched the report by BBC Africa Correspondent Orla Guerin describing the tense situation in Kibera.

The report also included an interview with the widow of the Late Hon Mugabe Were ODM Embakasi MP who was assasinated outside his house. Those interested in Kenya Military can see a clip of a Kenya Army Hughes 500 (not sure what variant) Helicopter being used to keep crowds we believe in Naivasha at bay.

Leading Article: A Lethal Failure Of Political Leadership – The Independent 29 January 2008

The Independent’s leading article 29 January 2008 -entitled A Lethal Failure Of Political Leadership describes the situation in Kenya as scandalous and lethal failure of leadership.

“One of the most stable nations in Africa is tearing at its own flesh, and the responsibility lies with a generation of politicians who are refusing to act in the best interests of the Kenyan people. It is a scandalous and lethal failure of leadership.” The Independent 29 January 2008. End The Independent is available at news agents or via subscription.

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