Monday, June 17, 2019


The Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Kenya, Mr. Samuel Kivuitu has released the first official provisional results of Presidential election so far received from 159 constituencies. 51 are still to be received.

Raila is sill leading by 310,108 a per centage lead of 4.1%

RAILA ODINGA-3,726,247* (49,7%) (26.2% of the 14.2 m registered voters)
MWAI KIBAKI-3,416,139* (45.6%) (24.1% of the 14.2 m registered voters)
KALONZO MUSYOKA-346,214* (4.6%) (2.4% of the 14.2 m registered voters)
Source: * Electoral Commission of Kenya 29th December 2007.

Mr. Kivuiti confirmed that there was undue delay in receiving results from some constituencies and even threatened to disregard any suspicious results. He wanted the whole process finalised to-day.

Under the Kenya Constitution,
President Kibaki’s
five year term ends
mid-night (23.00Hrs GMT) but he is allowed to continue in office until a new President is sworn in or he is sworn for a second five year term in case he wins.

Analysis by study group 29th December 2007 10.50 GMT

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