Monday, June 17, 2019

Lets Pray For Kenya

Its is a sad day for Kenya – BE, Kampala, Uganda

Yes, lets pray for Kenya – Will Pray for Peace – DE, London, England

We are all concerned for our friends and families in Kenya – JC & GC, Newcastle, England.

Thank you for doing this site! – D & A, London, England

This is disappointing for a country I hold in such high regard and which had a peaceful handover of power just 5 years ago. – CP, Sunderland, Engand

Thanks for the info during the elections in Kenya. your site was/is very
informative. ASANTE SANA UKS, Nairobi

I would like you to ask the following question to the President and to the Opposition leaders:

“What is more important to you – bringing peace to Kenya and restoring democracy, as written the Holy Scriptures, or hanging onto power”?

Remember, the Scripture says: “Only God raises up governments and only God can pull them down”.

It is a foolish man who sets himself up in the place of God and assumes that he can decide the future of a nation. TCBA, Micronesia

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