Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Latest Results

The Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Kenya, Mr. Samuel Kivuitu has released the latest official provisional results of Presidential election so far received from 191 constituencies. 19 are still to be released. Elections for Kamkunji in Nairobi may be repeated due to irregularities.Raila is sill leading by only 38,002 votes:-

RAILA ODINGA-3,880,053 (47.5%) (27.3% of the registered 14.2 m voters)
MWAI KIBAKI-3,842,051 (47.0%) (27.1% of the registered 14.2 m voters)
KALONZO MUSYOKA- 452, 952 (5.5) (3.2% of the registered 14.2 m voters)

Based on 8,175, 056 votes that represent appoximately 57.6% of the 14.2 m registered voters.

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