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Kenya Election Database – Systex Solutions

SYSTEX SOLUTIONS – Kenya Election Database

The Kenya Election Database Version 1.0 is a strategic planning and data analysis software developed by SYSTEX Solutions based in Nairobi, Kenya with the support of The database is available as a CD-ROM.

The Kenya Election Database is a detailed analysis of Kenya Parliamentary elections since 1969 and by-elections since 1993. It also covers the Presidential elections since 1992. Users of the database can research the results of 2,089 constituency elections covering over 11,000 candidate results.

The Kenya Election Database contains details of Kenya ‘s 210 constituencies. Updates can be inserted onto database.

1 History,
2 Constituency and election details,
3 Presidential Elections,
4 Political Parties,
5 Province population censuses 1969 – 1999,
6 Province and district census,
7 District and divisional census,
8 Divisional and location census,
9 Urban centre censuses,
10 Voter registrations,
11 Province statistics

12 District statistics,
13 Analytical reports

The database has 200 reports that can be viewed and printed on screen.

The Kenya Election Database CD-ROM contains an article on how to plan for elections using data available within the database.

For further information:
P.O Box 2523 – 0200 CITY SQUARE,
Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa

Or – For international enquiries.

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