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IFES – Kenyans Prepare for Contested Elections

Key words: 2007 Kenya Parliamentary Elections, Kenya Electoral Commmission, IFES

Kenya’s election commission is preparing for presidential and parliamentary elections on December 27. Some 14 million Kenyans are eligible to cast ballots in the country’s fourth national elections since the one-party system officially ended in 1991.…

This article looks at :

1 Who are the top candidates for the Kenya Presidential Election,
2 What do the most recent polls indicate and how is that affecting the race?
3 How are the president and parliament elected?
4 What influence do tribal and ethnic ties have on Kenyan elections?
5 Why is this election important to the international community?
6 How is IFES involved in Kenya?

Afghanistan Election Commissioners to be Hosted By IFES in Kenya
IFES also will host a delegation of election commissioners from Afghanistan during the elections. The delegation will attend campaign rallies, meet with political parties and visit several polling sites in Nairobi and nearby districts on Election Day.

7 What are the main challenges facing the ECK in organizing these elections?
8 What is being done to stem corruption in Kenya?
9 How does Kenya’s electoral system compare to that of its neighbors?

Source: (accessed December 2007)

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