Monday, June 17, 2019

Save Our Beloved Country – The Standard 3 January 2008

Commentary: Save Our Beloved Country – The Standard 3 January 2008

This is the commentary from The Standard in Nairobi. In the commentary it pleads to the leaders and various factions to be humble and start talking to each other. It offers solutions and points out ‘ Most of the people who have lost their lives, especially the aged, sick and children, had absolutely no idea why they were being hunted down and killed.’ The Standard 3 January 2008

It continues … ‘Lastly, which could well be first, we are convinced that President Kibaki does not want to go down in history as the leader on whose watch Kenya went the way of Somalia, Chad or other African countries.Similarly, we do not think Raila wants to be known as the man who, because he believed he was cheated out of a poll victory, helped plunge his motherland into chaos and anarchy.But over and above all this, we believe the President and Raila must act first and fast to save this our beloved country.’ The Standard 3 January 2008 End

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