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Raila Odinga Withdraws from Kenya Presidential Elections 10 October 2017

Raila Odinga the National Super Alliance (NASA) Presidential candidate has withdrawn from the Kenya Presidential Elections due to be held on 26 October 2017. This move caught the country by surprise, but it was a move by NASA to pre-empt changes brought in by the Jubilee Coalition, who have what political observes call a “conspiracy of numbers” in the Kenya Parliament. Raila Odinga’s withdrawal means fresh elections may need to be held. It stops the current President Uhuru Kenyatta from being sworn in without fresh elections. NASA in the meantime aim to continue street protests. Whilst presidential elections in many countries in the world are finished and done within a day, the Kenya Presidential Elections saga continues.

Useful reading:
Bernard Namunane (2017) ‘NASA finds refuge under 2013 court verdict.’ Daily Nation, 10 October 2017 URL: (Accessed 10 October 2017)
Patrick Lang’at (2017) ‘ NASA leader Raila blames IEBC for poll withdrawal,’ Daily Nation, 10 October 2017 URL (Accessed 10 October 2017)
The Standard Team ‘ Country facing crisis as NASA leader Raila Odinga quits presidential poll,’ The Standard (Retrieved 10 October 2017)

BBC News Raila Odinga urges his supporters to strike

BBC report – ‘Raila Odinga urges his supporters to strike’ 13 August 2017.  Raila Odinga at a rally in Kibera, Nairobi (Kibra Constituency) attended by around 4,000 people. Mr Odinga urges his supporters to strike.

Kenya’s opposition leader has urged people to stay away from work on Monday over the disputed election result. Raila Odinga claims the vote was stolen. BBC reporter states this is contrary to local and international observers who have said the polls were free and fair. European Union Affairs chief Federica Mogherini and former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan urge Mr Odinga to seek redress through the courts. The opposition do not see this as an option.

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BBC Africa – Raila Odinga urges his supporters to strike 13 August 2017. Study Group Notes:

The report contextualises the situation in Kenya on 13 August 2017. Raila Odinga of the opposition alliance NASA in Kibera. Kibera or or now officially spelled as Kibra, is a constituency in Nairobi and home to one of Kenya’s biggest slums.

Post-Election violence. The run up to the Kenya Elections 2017 was one of the most peaceful since 1988, despite deaths of a key IEBC official Chris Msando. It is our opinion that one death is one death to many. The voting process was conducted in a civil manner and was not disrupted. There were a few incidents, which we will report in later posts. It is disconcerting to pick from this article that AFP reports 16 deaths and the Kenya Human Rights Watch says 24 people had been shot dead since the elections 8 August 2017.

Federica Mogherini

European Union Affairs chief Federica Mogherini is the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs (2014 – 2019) and Security Policy/ Vice President of the Commission.

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Federica Mogherini

Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan – was key in bring the warring parties together during 2007/8 Kenya elections post elections violence. Refer through our Kenya Election search and type – Kofi Annan:

1             Edith Fortunate’s article in the Standard (Nairobi) 16 April 2008. Fortunate, E (2008) ‘Annan Returns to Celebrate Deal,’ Nairobi, The Standard.  [This link is broken but there is a report of what was happening].

2              BBC News 26 January 2008 ‘Annan Hits Out at Kenya Abuses,’ [This link is still available and we have inserted it here but do read our post of 26 January 2008].

If you are interested in Kenya and Africa in general we recommend the BBC World Service -TV, Radio and Online.

Uhuru Kenyatta Declared President of Kenya

Kenya Presidential Elections Results 23.45pm  East African Time 11 August 2017 IEBC

1 Uhuru Kenyatta Jubilee Party 8,197,238 (54.19%)
2 Raila Odinga ODM 6,794,416 (44.92%)
3 Joseph William Nthiga Nyagah Independent 37,892 (0.25%)
4 Mohamed Abduba Dida Ark 37, 337 (0.25%)
5 John Ekuru Longoggy Aukot TAK 27, 344 (0.18%)
6 Japhet Kavinga Kaluyu Ind 11, 637 (0.08%)
7 Shakhalaga Khwa Jirongo UDP 11, 269 (0.07%)
8 Michael Wainaina Mwaura Ind 8, 849 (0.06%)

Reporting polling station 40714 out 40,883
Turn Out: 79.17%
Registered Votes: 19,611,423
Valid Votes: 15,125,982
Disputed Votes: 5,189
Rejected Votes: 401, 254
Source: 23.45pm 8 August 2017. Study Group – 169 Pollings stations yet to declare. 2.65% of the votes were spoilt. Study Group Note: The Chairman of the IEBC released the final tally before declaring Uhuru Kenyatta President. But these figures remained the same on the IEBC website as at 23.45 East African Time.

The BBC Kenya Election 2017: Raila Odinga says election system hacked 9 August 2017

The BBC Kenya Election 2017 article on the IEBC IT system hacking allegations. by Raila Odinga the presidential candidate for the opposition NASA Coalition.

Mr Odinga States the IEBC Kenya’s Electoral Commission IT systems were manipulated using complex algorithms and the stolen login identity of the murdered IEBC IT manager Chris Msando.

The article puts forward succinctly – Raila Odinga’s complaint and the reaction of the Electoral Commission. It highlights the voting was carried peacefully. One heart-warming moment from the elections, is the birth of Pualine Chemsang’s baby girl called Kura, who was born whilst the mother was queuing to vote.


The BBC Kenya Election 2017: Raila Odinga says election system hacked.  9 August 2017: Study Group Note: Highly recommended – The BBC has a strong history and relationship with Kenya. People found the related links and content of great interest. The Elections in Kenya was one of the top news items on the BBC on the morning of 9 August 2017, but was overshadowed by an incident involving a car hitting french soldiers in Paris, France which dominated the day’s headline news.

IT Election System Hacking

Kenyans have a deep love for technology. The concept of having an electronic bio-metric system was welcomed. Hacking fears that electoral system could and would be manipulated  increased when people heard of the sad death of Chris Msando – The IEBC IT Manager.

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