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IEBC Aggregate Kenya Elections Presidential Results 2017

These is a link to the IEBC Aggregate Kenya Elections Presidential Results posted on Twitter @IEBCKenya


Uhuru Kenyatta Declared President of Kenya

Kenya Presidential Elections Results 23.45pm  East African Time 11 August 2017 IEBC

1 Uhuru Kenyatta Jubilee Party 8,197,238 (54.19%)
2 Raila Odinga ODM 6,794,416 (44.92%)
3 Joseph William Nthiga Nyagah Independent 37,892 (0.25%)
4 Mohamed Abduba Dida Ark 37, 337 (0.25%)
5 John Ekuru Longoggy Aukot TAK 27, 344 (0.18%)
6 Japhet Kavinga Kaluyu Ind 11, 637 (0.08%)
7 Shakhalaga Khwa Jirongo UDP 11, 269 (0.07%)
8 Michael Wainaina Mwaura Ind 8, 849 (0.06%)

Reporting polling station 40714 out 40,883
Turn Out: 79.17%
Registered Votes: 19,611,423
Valid Votes: 15,125,982
Disputed Votes: 5,189
Rejected Votes: 401, 254
Source: 23.45pm 8 August 2017. Study Group – 169 Pollings stations yet to declare. 2.65% of the votes were spoilt. Study Group Note: The Chairman of the IEBC released the final tally before declaring Uhuru Kenyatta President. But these figures remained the same on the IEBC website as at 23.45 East African Time.

IEBC Announcing Results of Kenya Presidential Elections

The IEBC is declaring the results of the Kenya Presidential Elections. and live on Kenyan TV Stations.

Kenya Election Database – mobile version

European Union Statement by the HR/VP following the general elections in Kenya 11 August 2017

Bruxelles, 11/08/2017 – 08:54 – UNIQUE ID: 170811_3

Statement by the High Representative/ Vice President Federica Mogherini following the general elections in Kenya

The European Union, as a partner of Kenya and its people, has closely followed the general elections that have taken place. Elections are a time to celebrate democratic expression and Kenyans have engaged to shape their country’s future.

Please read full statement here – Statement by the HR/VP following the general elections in Kenya 11 August 2017

Source: European Union External Action (2017) ‘Statement by the HR/VP following the general elections in Kenya’, Brussels 11 August 2017.

Kenya Study group Notes:
The statement states that the EU expects a sense of responsibility and leadership by all parties, by upholding the procedures and institutions as set out by the Constitution of Kenya. It expects claims of malpractice are thoroughly investigated and any challenge to the results channelled through the Constitutionally mandated judicial mechanisms: the Rule of Law, respected by all, is the very foundation of all democracies, as Kenya is. It ends by stressing the EU commitment to Kenya in this endeavour. The links to the right of the site contain some day to posts, which may interest people researching Elections.

Who are the EEAS? The EEAS is the European Union’s diplomatic service. It helps the EU’s foreign affairs chief – the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy – carry out the Union’s Common Foreign and Security Policy.

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EEAS (2017)   Statement by the HR/VP following the general elections in Kenya, Brussels 11 August 2017.

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