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Kenya National Anthem Lyrics

On 31st December 2007 – We posted these words during the dark days of the 2007/2008 Elections. Kenya has come a long way since. The healing must continue. As Kenya approaches Kenya Elections 2017, reflect on these words of prayer. (Words copyright and courtesy Government of Kenya)

Kiswahili                                           English

1                                        1


Ee Mungu nguvu yetu               O God of all creation

Ilete baraka kwetu                 Bless this our land and nation

Haki iwe ngao na mlinzi           Justice be our shield and defender

Natukae na undugu                   May we dwell in unity

Amani na uhuru                    Peace and liberty

Raha tupate na ustawi.            Plenty be found within our



2                                         2


Amkeni ndugu zetu                 Let one and all arise

Tufanye sote bidii                With hearts both strong and true

Nasi tujitoe kwa nguvu            Service be our earnest endeavour

Nchi yetu ya Kenya                 And our homeland of Kenya

Tunayoipenda                      Heritage of splendour

Tuwe tayari kuilinda              Firm may we stand to defend.


3                                          3


Natujenge taifa letu              Let all with one accord

Ee, ndio wajibu wetu              In common bond united

Kenya istahili heshima            Build this our nation together

Tuungane mikono                   And the glory of Kenya

Pamoja kazini                     The fruit of our labour

Kila siku tuwe na shukrani        Fill every heart with

Kenyans Say No to Computer Generated Leaders – 2/3 NASA address to the Nation on 2017 Election 16 August 2017

Kenyans Say No to Computer Generated Leaders – 1/2 NASA address to the Nation on 2017 Election 16 August 2017

BBC News Raila Odinga urges his supporters to strike

BBC report – ‘Raila Odinga urges his supporters to strike’ 13 August 2017.  Raila Odinga at a rally in Kibera, Nairobi (Kibra Constituency) attended by around 4,000 people. Mr Odinga urges his supporters to strike.

Kenya’s opposition leader has urged people to stay away from work on Monday over the disputed election result. Raila Odinga claims the vote was stolen. BBC reporter states this is contrary to local and international observers who have said the polls were free and fair. European Union Affairs chief Federica Mogherini and former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan urge Mr Odinga to seek redress through the courts. The opposition do not see this as an option.

Useful link:

BBC Africa – Raila Odinga urges his supporters to strike 13 August 2017. Study Group Notes:

The report contextualises the situation in Kenya on 13 August 2017. Raila Odinga of the opposition alliance NASA in Kibera. Kibera or or now officially spelled as Kibra, is a constituency in Nairobi and home to one of Kenya’s biggest slums.

Post-Election violence. The run up to the Kenya Elections 2017 was one of the most peaceful since 1988, despite deaths of a key IEBC official Chris Msando. It is our opinion that one death is one death to many. The voting process was conducted in a civil manner and was not disrupted. There were a few incidents, which we will report in later posts. It is disconcerting to pick from this article that AFP reports 16 deaths and the Kenya Human Rights Watch says 24 people had been shot dead since the elections 8 August 2017.

Federica Mogherini

European Union Affairs chief Federica Mogherini is the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs (2014 – 2019) and Security Policy/ Vice President of the Commission.

Useful Link:

Federica Mogherini

Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan – was key in bring the warring parties together during 2007/8 Kenya elections post elections violence. Refer through our Kenya Election search and type – Kofi Annan:

1             Edith Fortunate’s article in the Standard (Nairobi) 16 April 2008. Fortunate, E (2008) ‘Annan Returns to Celebrate Deal,’ Nairobi, The Standard.  [This link is broken but there is a report of what was happening].

2              BBC News 26 January 2008 ‘Annan Hits Out at Kenya Abuses,’ [This link is still available and we have inserted it here but do read our post of 26 January 2008].

If you are interested in Kenya and Africa in general we recommend the BBC World Service -TV, Radio and Online.

BBC Kenya General Election 2017 Timeline Reports

Timeline reports by the BBC on the Kenya General Elections from 29 May 2017

The reports by BBC journalists and correspondents include BBC Africa podcasts #BBCKEWatch Kenya Election Watch (available for a limited period).

BBC Kenya General Elections 2017 Study Group Notes: If you missed out on what was going on these reports will provide you with an opportunity to reflect and research on some of the issues and critical incidents.

The reports reflect a rich diversity of issues and challenges facing Kenya.

BBC Africa podcasts Kenya Election Watch #BBCKEWatch (Available until beginning of September 2017) focused on:

1: Contenders 2: Campaign Funding 3: Electoral Register 4: Women

5: Manifestos 6: Youth Vote 7: Land


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